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The Modeláreň s.r.o. company operates in the area of the production of single-part and serial pattern devices, moulds, composites, as well as of the comprehensive deliveries of final products, including all manufacturing steps. Our manufacturing processes contain the up-to-date technologies - from CAD/CAM programming, engineering, 5-axis CNC milling and 3D print to 3D scanning.

We are able to react promptly and flexibly to all wishes and needs of our customers. Long-term skills and professional knowledge of our employees are the conditions for the production of precision pattern devices, moulds or castings.

Certificate ISO:

To maintain confidence of our customers we guarantee high quality of our products and reliability of our services.


In Modeláreň s.r.o., we do our business in new modern premises with the manufacturing area of 550 m2. Our manufacturing hall is equipped with large machinery park and equipment, which allows perfect processing of wood, laminate, MDF, block material, plastics, polystyrene, metal, styrodur, various casting and epoxy materials as well as 3D print.

We are equipped with the following up-to-date CNC machining centres for perfect and very precise machining.

• 5 axis centre SAHOS (BRAY) - X-4000 Y-2200 Z-750
• 5 axis centre SAHOS (BRAY) - X-3000 Y-1500 Z-750
• 3 axis centre SAHOS (BRAY) - X-3000 Y-1500 Z-750
• 3 axis centre HAAS VF4-SS - X-1270 Y-508 Z-635



Ernest Konkolovský Sr. worked as an employee of the Pattern-Shop (Modeláreň) of the ZLH Hronec company, and later his enthusiasm transferred slowly to his son Ernest Konkolovský Jr.


Ernest Konkolovský Jr. became an apprentice of the Modeláreň of the ZLH Hronec company.


Ernest Konkolovský Sr. finished his position as a controller in the Modeláreň of the ZLH Hronec company.


Because of his competency, Ernest Konkolovský Jr. became a master of the Modeláreň of the ZLH Hronec company.


Constitution of the Modeláreň s.r.o. company by its owner and managing director Ernest Konkolovský Jr., the firm do its business in the premises of Modeláreň of ZLH Hronec.


At the beginning, new technologies came into the administrative offices together with new labour forces; Mrs. Valéria Konkolovská, wife, started to work as an accounting officer.


Start of building new premises - a new hall for Modeláreň s.r.o. with the area of 550 m2.


Relocation of the firm and production into a new hall, manufacturing pattern devices was carried out manually.


Son Erik Konkolovský inherited love to patterning profession and, as a follower of the father, he came into Modeláreň s.r.o. as an employee, however at the same time, he started to develop the need for new technologies and new period of up-to-date production in the company.

Acquisition of new machinery for the company by the purchase of the first CNC machine Rapid - 5-axis CNC machining, making the production more efficient, shortening production times with the highest manufacturing precision.

August The company finished the manual manufacturing pattern devices and started to apply the new period of CAD/CAM Engineering technologies. This allowed the company to expand its clientele on new world markets, too.


Expanding the machinery by the purchase of further CNC machine, Rapid, 3-axis CNC.


The company continued to make progress, and therefore it expanded its machinery with the next CNC machine - Dynamic, with 5-axis CNC.


With the onset of machines, there was a need to expand labour and working spaces. A designer office, new stocks, new functional rooms for lacquering, spraying and surface treatment of patterns were established.


Modernisation of the production by the purchase of a 3D printer, creation of patterns with very complicated shapes, very thin wall thicknesses and many fine details of the entire construction module.


Currently, except the update of the website and presentation materials in order to better present the company in the world, our constant effort is to progress and to keep pace with market requirements.

June 2018
To expand the production, to shorten delivery times, to increase the quality of metal moulds and parts, we are purchasing new CNC metalworking centre HAAS VF4-SS

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